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We specialize in highly-fabricated, complex structures and provide complete scopes of work with all structural, miscellaneous, and ornamental metals furnished and installed. We are regularly featured in the ENR, US Builder's Review, Modern Steel Construction and annually rated as one of the top steel fabricators in the U.S.

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Anaheim Convention Center is a palace of glass and steel

Anaheim Convention Center

Central LA Learning Center

RFK Community Schools

LAX United Airlines Terminals 7 & 8 view of plane at night

LAX United Airlines Terminals 7 & 8 and T7 Club

To have a successful steel fabrication company, you must have the right people in place, be dependable, have a decision-making compass and know that there is always a better way.

John Beck Sr.President Emeritus
Hartsfield-Jackson Airport Entrance Covering

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Accomplishing projects that have never been done before is our specialty.