Central LA Learning Center

RFK Community Schools

Arcadia HS Performing Arts exterior

Arcadia HS Performing Arts Center

Front of University of Arizona Chemistry Building

The University of Arizona Chemistry Building

UNLV Hospitality Building front during a purple sunset that shows of amazing metal, glass, and use of light

UNLV Hospitality Building

Taft High School

A&M Central Academic Building

A&M Multipurpose Building

Lake View High School

ASU Hunter Strain Engineering Lab

Riverside California, Multidisciplinary Research Building

University of California Multidisciplinary Research Building

Brooks Middle School

Ralph Bunche Elementary

Permian High School

Odessa High School Academic & Fine Arts Building

Odessa College of Continuing Education

Univeristy of Texas Liberal Arts

A&M University Architecture Building

LA Southwest College Theater

Playa Vista Elementary School

Granada Hills Charter High School

LCU, Margaret Talkington Nursing Center

LCU Margaret Talkington Center for Nursing Education

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