A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

Winston Churchill

A Compass-Driven History

Churchill’s words long ago still ring true for anyone who plans to start – and be successful – in any business. No doubt the start and ultimate success of Beck Steel is always based on optimismfor both their customers and their team members.

As one of their original founders, John Beck, Sr., put it, “It’s all about having a decision-making compass to point you in the right direction.”

In the early 70’s after serving in the Air Force, John Sr. became an expert in upholstery. He and his father initially started a company manufacturing canvas bags for oil field technicians.

But his life then took a different direction.

By the mid-70s, John Beck, Sr., his father and family friend, Wiley Bollman, came together – finding a niche in residential ornamental steel products, such as fireplace screens and ornamental gates.

Shortly after that, the team grew to offering commercial ornamental products in order to bring the fledgling company to the next level. But like any successful business, the goal was to be better. To be the industry leader in commercial miscellaneous steel. 

Always living by their decision-making compass, honoring commitments and always pointing in the right direction, Beck Steel did just that.

Black and white image of the first warehouse Beck Steel First used

Original Beck Steel Shop

How? No matter the difficulty of the project, they saw art in the complexity.

From Day 1, they were the epitome of Churchill’s words – seeing “…opportunity in every difficulty.”

More than 45 years later, Beck Sr. is retired and has passed the torch to his son, John Beck, Jr.

As in the beginning of the business, Beck Steel continues to rely on a direction-driven compass that continues to guide the 150+ team members. And, it is because of Beck Steel’s forefathers that the company is now recognized across the country, and is annually rated as one of our nation’s top steel fabricators.

Complexity truly is their artistry, and it all started with a compass focused in the right direction – and an optimism that continues to breathe within the hearts and talents of each and every dedicated Beck Steel team member in the 21st Century and beyond.

Present Day

We were born to paint skylines

Today, Beck is one of the most capable structural and miscellaneous steel fabricators in the construction industry. With 200,000+ square feet of enclosed production capacity and nearly 50 years of quality workmanship, it's no wonder Beck is trusted from the East to the West coast with monumental projects.

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